Course Disclaimer

Courses created and hosted by are designed for educational purposes only and to provide you with a general understanding of how dogs learn. Our courses do not serve to provide dog behavior and training advice to individuals. In registering for any of our courses, you understand that there is no trainer-client relationship. Courses are not meant to be a substitute for the services of a qualified trainer.

We cannot guarantee results, as each student and their dog will have different skill levels, which may be limited by constraints beyond our abilities. Refunds are not available.

The material within a course is not meant to be a replacement for veterinary care or the services of a qualified trainer. While the majority will be able to complete a course, some may not and should seek additional advice from a force-free trainer.

If your dog has a history of generalized fear or neophobia (fear of novel items), consider using the services of a force-free trainer to help your dog become more comfortable. Often, dog owners miss subtle signs of discomfort and can unintentionally make matters worse.

If your dog has medical issues, speak to your veterinarian about options.