We’ve got a new course coming out real soon! It’s Tricky: Learning to Train your Dog with Tricks is being taught by our good friend, Sylvia Borghardt and is going to be not only fun for you and your dog, but the course is full of useful information on training, in general.

It's All Tricks To Your Dog! 1

But, why tricks? Why not just do a bunch of free tutorial videos on teaching tricks? Tricks are easy, right? Well, yes and no. One of the things that I love about offering courses is that we get the opportunity to go into more depth on a subject. So, while free videos are great (I’ve certainly done some myself), they usually leave out key information about the training methods used, and the needed step-by-step training plans to help people build the behaviors in a way that is efficient- meaning we are able to remove the need for guesswork of “what do I do next to get closer to the end behavior?” And if you do need more help to get there? We’re there in the discussion forums (which are just for you and other students) to help you break things down a bit more.

And here’s the other thing- there’s no difference in how we teach tricks to dogs than how we teach things that are more important to us, like sit, down, stay, come, etc. To our dogs, it’s ALL tricks! Virtually everything we ask them to do has utility only because we decide it does. Dogs sit before getting a treat, because we say “sit”, not because they think that it’s polite! We think it’s polite! And it builds impulse control and training it helps them use their brains and well, we think it’s important. And it is. So is not jumping on guests, walking nicely on leash, coming when called and more. Those things keep all of us safe. But training any of those things is no different than training tricks. We do it systematically, taking into account what the dog can do now and build from there, step by step.

Perhaps even more importantly to us here at LoriNanan.com, and maybe to you and your dog, is that you’ll also get valuable information on how dogs learn, motivation and the actual mechanics of training. Whether you go through the course with your first dog or your fifth doesn’t matter- if you’re interested in understanding more about learning and the actual process of rewards-based training, you’ll be able to apply the same principles to teaching your dog other behaviors, as well. The benefit of training tricks is that there’s generally nothing on the line, except maybe bragging rights. 😉 We train tricks because it’s fun for us and because we find it fun, our dogs generally agree. We laugh more, we smile, we tell them what good dogs they are and we delight in the final results!

Among the tricks you’ll learn how to teach your dog are:

– Take a Bow
– Bang (and rollover)
– Spin (or Twist)
– Sit Pretty
– Paws Up
…and more!

These tricks set the foundation for more intricate tricks and help you learn the nuts and bolts of training your dog using force-free, rewards-based methods. Here’s Hazel working on Twist, which took lots of repetitions, because it was the opposite direction of Spin, which she’s been doing for years!

Posted by Lori Nanan on Thursday, May 10, 2018

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