Learning How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

I’ve lived with dogs my entire life. I got my first dog as an adult at 25 and haven’t lived without at least one since that time. I’ve had cats even longer. And you know how many of them have had regular, in-home dental care? Exactly zero.

When I was going through The Academy for Dog Trainers, I started to get a better understanding of why things like why brushing my dog’s teeth were so important. Thanks to students and grads who were also veterinarians, I learned why proactive care can really help improve our pets’ quality of life. Thanks to the quality of the program I was able to create training plans and procedures for this course that can help you to learn how to brush your dog’s teeth. Your dog will not only now tolerate the procedure, but he will be cooperative and willing.

Here’s where things get…interesting. Despite what I learned, I remained haphazard (at best) about brushing my current dog’s teeth, Hazel’s teeth. I tried a couple of different training plans and positions (laying down, standing) and have just now realized that the fault lay not in poor training plans or difficult positions, but in my own lack of follow-through. Enter Dr. Rachel.

How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Dr. Rachel approached me last year about doing a course on “how to brush your dog’s teeth” because so many of her patients present with dental issues. I was super excited about the idea, but admitted that my own spotty history and real lack of knowledge about the subject with any real substance meant that I’d really be relying on her expertise. And boy, did she deliver. I realized the disservice I did to my previous dogs (who I jokingly said had dirty aquarium breath 😳) and resolved that going forward, I would be proactive about dental care for all of my pets. And ya know what? It’s much easier than I thought. It’s also even more important than I thought.

As it turns out, that dirty aquarium breath my besties had was likely contributing to some real health problems. Poor dental health can lead to issues which affect other organs and overall health. Chances are also good that my beloved best friends were experiencing, if not pain, some real discomfort. In our new course Pearly Whites: A Course in Pet Dental Care, Dr. Rachel outlines all of the reasons in-home dental care is so important. She also gives lots of tips on how to make it easier on us and our pets! As it also turns out, her dog Mamacita is absolutely adorable and the training videos are not only instructive but have an extreme cute factor!


How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth

Just like Nailed It: A Course in How to Cut Dog Nails, this course aims to help people and their pets avoid the stress, costs and fear that can be associated with veterinary procedures when issues reach a critical point. Dogs who hate having their nails clipped sometimes have to be sedated or restrained by multiple people. Dogs who need dental care may be experiencing pain and need expensive cleaning, extractions or surgery. A little proactive care, a little time and patience working on training and a little bit of solid information can be truly helpful–for us and our pets!

Pearly Whites: A Course in Pet Dental Care, by Dr. Rachel is now available online. Feel free to find out more about this or any of our other courses which offer in-depth information thought by experts in the industry and give you practical tips and training plans.