Does your dog jump to greet people? Does he beg at the table? Mill about when guests are over? Guess what? You aren’t alone! And….you have a normal dog! Congratulations! And if your friends and family are less than thrilled about it, help is on the way!

Dog trainers are regularly contacted about these issues and any trainer worth his or her salt will tell you 2 things that should put your mind at ease:

1.) Dogs jump to greet because they are social beings. Greeting by jumping up, though impolite in our human world, is a way to gain access to our faces. Dogs check out each other’s faces when greeting…they also check out each other’s butts, so let’s be grateful that, for the most part, they leave this out of their human greeting repertoire! They also mill about when people are around for the same reason- they are social beings who generally enjoy being in the company of humans. After all, we’ve bred them for this- we love friendly, social dogs and domestication has helped us make lots of them! The fact that we’d like that friendliness to be on our terms may not be lost on us. It is, however, lost on dogs.

2.) Dogs mill about when there’s food around because…well, they like food and are opportunistic scavengers by their very nature. We can actually use the fact that they like food to our advantage through training, while simultaneously eliminating the knocking of plates off Auntie Fran’s lap or the thievery of an entire turkey from the table.

Some of us are more bothered by these things than others, but the truth is that even if you aren’t that bothered by it- a little bit of training goes a long way. I admit that we’ve allowed Hazel to jump on visitors for years. We like that she’s social and unafraid, especially because this wasn’t always the case. But, since we are launching a course with Kristi Benson  called “Pestering Pooches”, we thought it was time to get to work! Watch our Facebook page for more progress!

Pestering Pooches Promo

Training in the Real World: Sit Happens!Our course with Kristi Benson, entitled Pestering Pooches is coming soon. The course will teach dogs and their humans everything they need to know to go from jumping to greet to sitting politely. And begging and bothering guests? They'll become a thing of the past!In this video, our very own Hazel is working through some of the steps to become a proper pooch when guests come over. She's a jumper, but a gentle one, so we hadn't really worked on it and the time has come! We're super proud of her and her Uncle Jason for their hard work so far, and stay tuned for more!Our courses allow dog owners to work on training in their own homes, on their own schedules. We also offer discussion forums, support and enjoy nothing more than celebrating success along the way! We are also thrilled to work with top notch trainers like Kristi, who is not only super skilled, but truly tons of fun.Pestering Pooches is coming! Watch this space. đŸ™‚

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Kristi is one of my favorite trainers because she’s brilliant, incredibly skilled and lots of fun. Pestering Pooches contains training plans and a progress tracker so you can be sure that you are following all of the steps as you go. There’s also video demonstrations, and a healthy dose of humor throughout. Training doesn’t have to be full of drudgery or a chore, it can actually be an enjoyable, bonding activity with your dog and maintaining a sense of humor is important and Kristi’s got that in spades!

Your dog actually can learn to greet without jumping and to hang out on his bed while guests are over. And it can be done in a way that is fun and does not cause him to be afraid or cause him pain. By teaching dogs that sitting is what pays and hanging out nearby is just as good (if not better!) than begging for table food or bothering your sweet grandma we can help them become the proper pooches we want!

Stay tuned for updates as we get closer to launch! You can sign up for our newsletter and be among the first to sign up and receive discount codes. And be sure to visit Kristi’s Facebook page for updates, as well!

You’re just a few weeks and some really good training plans away from a new beginning with your best friend and impressing your friends and family with the impeccable manners you’ve worked so hard to build!