Stop your dog from pestering you and your guests. Train your dog not to jump up when greeting people and to stop begging for food while you eat. You will replace these undesirable behaviors by teaching your dog to sit when greeting and relax on their mat or bed when you have dinner.



This course was designed to help dog owner’s overcome some of their biggest complaints: jumping, begging…and well, pestering! As social beings, dogs jump to greet and say hello. As beings who love food, they hang around with the hope that some kind human will slip them a morsel or two. As human beings who are suckers for puppy eyes, we often make these behaviors stronger unknowingly, while simultaneously just wishing they would stop. Wishing is rather ineffective…training on the other hand is crucial in eliminating these undesirable behaviors

Benefits of the course

You’ll learn how to work with your dog by using detailed training plans to accomplish your goals: a well mannered dog that no longer jumps on people and/or begs for food.

  • Your dog will go from jumping to greet to sitting politely. Your guests will no longer fear being knocked over or your dog dirtying or tearing their clothes.
  • Your dog will no longer beg at the dinner table while you and your guests are enjoying dinner.
  • Your dog will lay calmly on their mat or bed while you and your guests are chatting, watching the game or just relaxing and spending time together.
  • You will learn strategies for managing unwanted behaviors (such as stealing from plates, begging and counter surfing) while training is happening.
  • Video demonstrations will help you see exactly how the training works, eliminating guesswork.
  • You will gain an understanding of dog behavior and be able to work with your dog in a way that is safe, effective and humane and meets both of your needs

Hazel has a long history of jumping, so we got to work with her Uncle Jason on the Pestering Pooches training plans. They’ve made so much progress and you can see how far they’ve come in the course!

Your Instructor, Kristi Benson

kristi Benson dog trainerA dog musher and trainer for ten years, Kristi is an honors graduate of the prestigious Academy for Dog Trainers, where she earned her Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC). Kristi enjoys working with dogs who need help with obedience, fearfulness, aggression, unruliness, or any number of other issues. She also loves helping the humans in the equation, and brings her trademark combination of humour and compassion to the kitchen table when working with her clients

Kristi also enjoys reaching out to dog owners through writing. Her blog was named one of the top fifty dog blogs in 2016 by Thoroughly Reviewed. She also regularly writes for the Academy for Dog Trainers’ blog and for Dog International. Besides offering professional training services in the Parkland region of Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Canada; Kristi also works with clients across Canada via video chat. For ten years, she ran a sled dog micro-rescue with her partner, and fostered, house-trained, obedience-trained, and re-homed numerous racing sled dogs. Kristi still enjoys skijoring (cross-country skiing attached to a dog), dog scootering, and other pulling sports with her Alaskan husky sled dogs. She lives on a small mixed farm in west central Manitoba. Kristi is a Full Member Dog Training Professional # 11632828 in the Pet Professional Guild. She has a BA and MA in Archaeology.

Pestering Pooches is offered at $29 USD and you can register for the course by clicking the link below.

Register For The Course!

** CCPDT Certified Dog Trainers – Maintain your Certification with The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).  This course is now eligible for 7 CEUs for CPDT-KA. Please email for more information.

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Pestering Pooches - Dogs that Jump on People and Beg for Food at the Dinner Table
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
by Judy Gerhardt on Pestering Pooches - Dogs that Jump on People and Beg for Food at the Dinner Table
Pestering Pooches

I'm long overdue writing this but I found myself watching everything over and over several times.. Tucker ( the puppy in tunnel down ) is now a year old....hard to believe !! I thoroughly enjoyed watching and learning !!! I feel you have done an excellent job with this course. It's easy to see if a dog owner puts in the effort to train their pet that you can end up with a well behaved dog. Tucker and I are still working on a few things but I'm sure eventually we will succeed....Thank you !!!!

by Annette on Pestering Pooches - Dogs that Jump on People and Beg for Food at the Dinner Table

Awesome job ladies. Lots of great info to help grow a relationship with your dog and get great behavior.

by Lisa Roberts on Pestering Pooches - Dogs that Jump on People and Beg for Food at the Dinner Table
So Happy!!

I am so happy. I cannot believe it that following your training plans my dog would stop jumping up on my guest but it worked. Had some friends over last weekend and she did not jump up to greet them. wow, happy customer.

by Claudine Prud'homme on Pestering Pooches - Dogs that Jump on People and Beg for Food at the Dinner Table
This is THE best!

This is THE best course you can find if you have a "Pestering Pooch". I know of nothing more complete and/or assessable to dog owners. Neither in English nor in French. You will not regret it.