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Dog-Centric, Self-Paced Learning. Unleash Your Knowledge.

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you love learning about dogs. All of our courses allow you to learn at your own pace through our interactive, online learning platform. These courses offer in-depth information and give you practical tips and plans to use at home or within your organization.

Our online classes are designed to provide canine enthusiasts with a fun and unique learning experience, and have been created to help improve quality of life for dogs and humans alike – whether within an organization, or simply in your home.

Through videos, demonstrations, interviews and training plans, our courses provide valuable, practical information to guardians, trainers and organizations in a way that is easily accessible and enjoyable.

Click on the descriptions below to see what we’ve got to offer. All of these courses are on the same digital platform, making it easy to sign up for more than one at a time. All of our offerings are very affordable – we even make some available for free – as we are committed to making quality information and education about dogs available for anyone interested in learning.