About Team 1

The LoriNanan.com team is composed of Lori, Claire LoManto and Lori’s husband, Paul. Founded in 2017, the company was created to help meet the needs of dog lovers.

With her knowledge of dog training and behavior, Lori set out to create online courses that engage dog owners and provide them with practical skills they can use to improve their dog’s manners, learn to understand them better and develop more fulfilling relationships. Lori is committed to using only rewards-based methods and helping owners achieve their training goals in ways that are effective and humane.

Given their successful history of working together at Women’s Animal Center, a shelter in Bensalem, PA., Lori enlisted the assistance of Claire LoManto to help start this new business and in the process and exciting partnership was born. Claire’s knowledge and expertise in marketing and business solutions has proven to be of extraordinary benefit to dog trainers, including Malena DeMartini, who she has worked hand-in-hand with for almost 4 years, helping her business grow and increase her reach to more dog owners who live with dogs suffering from separation anxiety. Lori and Claire work hand and hand on both ends of the business-the owner-oriented courses and the dog trainer-focused side, Canine Pro Solutions.

Paul Nanan is the man behind the scenes, and can often be found tinkering with ways to reach new audiences and improve website performance for dog trainers. Paul’s techy knowledge and commitment to improving the lives of dogs everywhere make him an asset not only to the LoriNanan.com team, but to dog training businesses across the globe.

About Team 2

Lori Nanan

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Paul Nanan

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Claire LoManto